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Friday 15th January

Mother & Baby Homes

More survivors of Mother and Baby Homes tell their stories.

Thursday 14th January

Mother & Baby Home Survivors Stories

More survivors of Mother and Baby Homes tell their stories.

Wednesday 13th January

Mother & Baby Reaction

Survivors of mother and baby homes react to the publication of the report and the Taoiseach's apology. Mary Fitzgerald recounts being raped at 13 and reluctantly sent to Bessborough to have her baby. Colleen Anderson tells Joe about being born in Sean Ross Abbey, her mother was also a victim of rape and only 14 years old when she gave birth.

Tuesday 12th January

Mother and Baby Homes Report

Callers react to the publication of the Mother and Baby Homes report. 'Today is like sticking pins in a wound,' says Colm Lopez who was born in Bessborough Mother and Baby Home. 'I was one of the lucky ones,' he says, 'I got out.'

Monday 11th January

Mother & Baby Homes

Sheila and other women tell us about their experiences in Mother and Baby homes.

Home Invader at 6:15pm

Geraldine was in her bedroom on Friday when an intruder arrived into the room and stole jewellery. He was one of 4 men who broke into her house.

Friday 8th January

Special Needs Schools

Parents and teachers of students with special needs respond to the news that schools will not reopen next week.

Thursday 7th January

Capitol Hill Riot

Listeners react to how a Trump mob stormed Capitol Hill yesterday. Former CIA director John Brennan and Christopher Nixon Cox, the grandson of a former President, give their views.

Wednesday 6th January

Good Work of Religious Forgotten

Retired teacher Stephanie Walsh tells Joe that the good work of religious orders is often forgotten when talking about unmarried mothers in Ireland. Pat Williams tells Joe about how he was taken from his mother when he was just 12 hours old, while she was sent to Bessborough Mother and Baby Home.

School Closures?

Leaving certificate students react to the reported government proposals on school closures.

Car Park Attack

Michael recounts a disturbing experience outside his local supermarket during which he was assaulted after requesting another shopper maintain 2m physical distance.

Tuesday 5th January

School Closures

Students and parents give their reaction to the news that the Government is looking at school closures being extended to the end of the month.

Monday 4th January

Christmas House Fire

Anne O'Brien's niece's house went on fire on xmas day when the family were out visiting relatives. When they returned home they found their 2 dogs and 2 cats dead.

Essential Workers

Mairead is concerned for her daughter who works for a fashion company and is being forced to go to work despite only essential retail being allowed open. Another listener is worried that building sites are open today.

Remembering Marian Finucane

Jack Clarke remembers his mother, broadcaster Marian Finucane, who died this time last year.

Wednesday 23rd December

Little Liveline

On Today's Liveline, Joe changed it to Little Liveline, where our younger listeners reviewed books and sung songs, and gave shout outs to friends and family members.

Tuesday 22nd December

Self Published Books Part II

Joe speaks to more self-published authors

Monday 21st December

Self Published Books

Joe speaks to the authors of some amazing self published books

Friday 18th December

Kerry Babies Apology

Josey congratulates Joanna Hayes on getting compensated for suffering as a result of the Kerry babies scandal.

Health Care Worker Break In

Nicole is a health care worker and her house was broken into last weekend.

Nazi Memorabilia

A shop in Dublin is selling Nazi medals. The shop owner talks to Joe.

Thursday 17th December

Christmas and COVID 19

Willie Smyth wonders if people should have their Christmas dinner outdoors this year.

Acts of Kindness

Callers share their stories of random acts of kindness.Christmas parcels arrived at Grainne's house in error and she is trying to find the kids the gifts are for.

Wednesday 16th December

Irish Sign Language Offical

Catherine spoke of life with her deaf parents. Yesterday, sign language was given official language status and she wishes her father was around to celebrate with her.

Judged By Your Accent

Paul talked to Joe about last week when he brought his partner and her father to a pub for a pre-booked meal. However, the table was double-booked and he was turned away. But moments later a man with a 'posh' accent was allowed in, despite not having a booking. Could this have anything to do with Paul's working-class accent?

Mugged Florist

Joe spoke to flower seller Tommy who was working outside Palmerstown Cemetery and was attacked by two men. He was head butted when he refused to sell a bunch of flowers for six euro. Tommy said that those men don't know what a hard life is, a hard life, according to Tommy is standing in all weathers to sell flowers and not know if you have enough money at the end of your week to pay your suppliers.

Tuesday 15th December

Child Abuse

Darren McGavin was abused by Tony Walsh in Ballyfermot, he now helps other survivors of clerical abuse.

Vaccine Roll Out

Mary has stage 4 cancer and questions why she isn't higher up on the covid vaccine roll out list.

Finding Clothes to Fit

Patrick Nolan is 4 foot 10, he talks to Joe about the difficulties he encounters.

Tailgating on the M1

Niamh says she regularly experiences tailgating on the M1 and says it is intimidating

Brother Died Unexpectedly

Robert McClean's brother died unexpectedly in early December. After his death, his covid results arrived in the post, much to the upset of the family.

Missing Necklace

Keith Cronin's daughter Lucy lost her Mam's necklace while out Christmas shopping. Her mother died of cancer and 14-year-old Lucy carried her ashes in the locket.

Monday 14th December

Dog Attack

12 year old Darryl Graham was attacked by an American bulldog. His father says he's lucky to be alive.

New Garda Regulations

Under new Garda regulations members of the force may no longer be allowed to receive discounts in their local takeaways or free entry to nightclubs. Our listeners give their reaction.

Friday 11th December

Act of Kindness

Noah Sheerin is only 10 years old and is raising funds for homeless people.

Donkey Milk

Cianán Redmond tells Joe about his donkey milk business.

Feeding Wild Animals

Lisa was in her local park and feeding the squirrels when the warden requested she stop as it would cause a rat problem.

Fine for Dumping

Anthony left a golf bag at a recycling bank in Tullamore - he did so as they would not fit into its clothes bank. He was later fined €150 for illegal dumping.

Thursday 10th December


Ciara Nolan is talks to Joe about the traumatic few months she and her sister Eabha Mansfield have had. Their mum passed away in October, a month after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. Their dad suffered a cardiac arrest and now requires 24/7 care.


Kerry native John Paul O'Connor owns 'Sasta Sausages and Puddings'. He says his business didn't get off the ground in his home county but did very well in Dublin. He's urging people to shop local.


Valerie's sister is a nurse in a busy hospital ward. Last night she and her colleagues got a well-meaning gift from her managers but feels it was a little tone-deaf: one tub of Quality Street to share between 30.

Wednesday 9th December

Followed From The Bank

Joe took €5000 out of the bank, but he was followed and robbed at a filling station.

Cooked Money

Mary Ellen hid €300 in her oven. But she forgot about the money and accidentally incinerated it while cooking.

Act of Kindess

A mystery woman paid for John's shopping in what was a random act of kindness.

Good Deed Cancelled

Emma Foley booked a room in a hostel for a man who was sleeping rough. But the hostel cancelled the booking when they heard the man was homeless

Tailor Made Suits

Maeve Wright tried to buy a suit from Magees for her upcoming wedding to Sara. But when she arrived for the fitting she was told they do not make suits for women. Rosy Temple from Magees explained the issue and apologised to Maeve for the confusion.

Tuesday 8th December


Kathleen was followed from the bank & robbed. While the robbers got away with €2,050, they missed another €950 hidden in a pocket. Six months later, she discovered her stolen handbag dumped but slugs had eaten the €950. The Central Bank would not replace the notes.

Covid Vaccine Roll out

'An exciting day, a historic day.'Dr. Jonathan Leung was one of the first doctors in the UK to administer Covid-19 vaccines this morning in the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford. Thomas Gray's mother died in March after contracting Covid-19. He told Joe about the hope he feels today after vaccines were administered in Belfast this morning. Noel Donlon spoke to Liveline from his hospital bed in September. He's still recovering from the effects of Covid-19. He's talking about the vaccine roll-out which started in Northern Ireland today. #Liveline

Monday 7th December

Act of Kindness

Grace is 7 years old and having experienced homelessness herself is now raising money for charity.

Should there be mass this year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Fr Roy Donovan says there should be no Masses on Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Robbery and scams

Claire warns callers about the Euro Lending Company, John tells Joe about the various attempts to scam him, Margaret and Mary recount how they were robbed.

Friday 4th December

Music at Weddings

Neil is due to marry his fiancé in two weeks, but after postponements and re-calibrating guests lists, they have now been told they can't have live music.

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