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Monday 20th May


Should Cannabis be decriminalised and legalised in Ireland.? Listeners give their views.

David Curran Release

David Curran was given a life sentence for the murder of two polish men, Pawel Kalite and Marius Szwajkos in 2008. The men's former employer Alan Kennedy is upset that Curran was out of prison on temporary release recently.

Friday 17th May



Found Barrel

Found Barrel

Tipped Car

Tipped Car

Thursday 16th May


Aaron Power thought he had the holiday of a lifetime when he paid €548.42 but due to a miscalculation, TUI now want €2078!

Dog Breeding

Dorothy Byrne, an owner of dog kennels was threatened by a puppy farmer after putting a warning online.


Anthony Brady was insured with Chill but has had his insurance rescinded for ' non disclosure' over an accident in which he was 100% the innocent party.


Katherine's fiance is about to graduate from the Garda Training College in Templemore, but she is annoyed that he is not being given his preference to be located in the west of Ireland to be nearer home. In the past such requests were regularly granted.

Wednesday 15th May

Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Planning Permission

'Patrick' is a Dub whose dreams of moving to Meath with his family have been shattered due to planning permission issues.

Dog Breeding

Following on from yesterday's discussion about dog breeding, Petshop owner Adrian spoke to Joe about his family business and how they buy & rehome pups in addition to other animals. John and Bill shared their stories of buying pets via ads online and in newspapers where the story didn't exactly the way they planned.

Sun Kiss Travel

Graeme's pal was meant to board a plane today for a summer working in the sun but after paying a €600 deposit to a travel company she heard no more about the working holiday.

Tuesday 14th May

Facebook Page Hacked

When pictures of African elephants and exotic snakes started to appear on Andy Ring's Facebook page about Irish Heritage Towns, he realised he'd been hacked. He says the experience is affecting his business.

Puppy Farms

Gerard bought a dog this month but now thinks it may have been illegally bred on a puppy farm. Listeners give us their experience of pets that may have been mistreated on puppy farms.

Monday 13th May

Looking for Family

John told us his personal story of the questions he has over his past and his biological parents while Judy and Karl told us about their discovery that they were adopted and their search for answers about their biological parents.

Doris Day

We celebrated the life of Doris Day with a selection of her songs and comments.

Brain Injury

Micheal told us about the catastrophic brain injuries he suffered after a biking accident and his road to recovery. Colm told us about his journey from a brain injury in hospital to participating in a degree course in Fine Art and Sculpture.

Friday 10th May

Noise on Trains

Iarnród Éireann tweeted about a choir who spontaneously broke into song on a Dublin to Cork train. Jude got in touch to say how unimpressed she was by the Mornington Singers performance and indeed any performance, noise or disturbance on any train...ever. She wasn't alone although there plenty who love the idea.

RTA Aftercare

Maeve was in a horrific accident a number of years ago where her car was hit by an oncoming car travelling at over 100 kph. She woke up five days later to learn that she had broken her legs, neck and back. Her physical injuries took years to heal but what really hurt was the Post Traumatic Stress.

Thursday 9th May


Martin, a student, was scammed out of €4500.

Stolen Tools

Abigail tells us about her husband's tools which were stolen last week.

Carer's Allowance

65 year old Geraldine and her 70 year old husband are struggling to look after their autistic son.


Martina's son has to pay €800 to SAYIT for a J1 visa. But if he were to organise the trip himself it would only cost €500. Martina says college students are paying too much for the service.

Dog Rehomed without Permission

Karen gave her dog to Deise Dog Sanctuary thinking the pet would be fostered and returned to her after she recovered from an operation. But she cannot get the dog back now because it's been re-homed. Pat from Deise Dog Sanctuary says they don't foster dogs and Karen knows this.

Reunited with Mother

82 year old Eileen Macken tells us about her trip to Scotland to meet her 104 year old mother. Eileen was given up for adoption when she was a baby and has never seen her mother since then.

Wednesday 8th May

Air Con

Rita's son was seriously injured in a car crash in 2017. She told us about his care in hospital and how she needs some help to get him into a nursing home.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus


Cheryl told us about her efforts to try get some help for her autistic son at home so he wouldn't have to be hospitalised.

Heart Attack at Concert

Yesterday Gerry told us how he was at the Take That concert with his daughter and wife, when he became unwell. A woman came to Gerry's aid, and on today's show we reunited Gerry with his Good Samaritan.

Carer's Allowance

Declan explained his frustrations behind the current limitations on carers working hours and how it affected him.

Radio Ad

We heard from Alva, Joe and Maggie about their reasons for disliking a current radio advert. The team behind the advert explained the reasons behind its creation.

Tuesday 7th May

Shortage of Bandages for Those Living with Lymphoma

Dan Young called Joe, to tell him about his issue. Dan, has to have a dressing changed on his leg regularly. Dan has Lymphoma and is in his third week without dressings and bandages, meaning Dan has had to use diapers for the past three weeks.

88 Year Old Mother Attacked in Carpark

Anna rang in to tell Joe of an attack on her mother in law, who was attacked on Bank Holiday Monday in Tallaght. After sustaining a broken hip after two men snatched her handbag from her arms.

Finding The Nurse Who Saved Me

Gerry Griffin was at the Take That concert with his daughter and wife, when he became unwell. Before he knew it he became weak and was suffering from a cardiac arrest. A woman, a nurse came to Gerry's aid, who helped him before he went in the Ambulance. In the midst of it all no one got the blonde hair nurse's name.

Phone Numbers Being Re-Used

John, phoned Liveline as his current mobile number was given to someone else while he was still using the number, without the use of the number he got in touch with the provider and told Joe how it all happened. Garry got in touch with a similar issue.

Friday 3rd May

Funny Friday

Live from the Brandon Hotel in Tralee

Thursday 2nd May

Home Care

Home Care



Assault/Anti-Social Behaviour

Assault/Anti-Social Behaviour

Quirke Trial

Quirke Trial

Wednesday 1st May

Quirke Trial

Quirke Trial

Financial Abuse

Financial Abuse

Credit Union

Credit Union

Tuesday 30th April


Judy and Malachy told us of their bad experiences using ATMs abroad. Judy told us how using an ATM abroad had cost her 500 euro which she can't recover while Malachy had an experience in Africa which also cost him over 500 euro.

Fundraising for Political Parties

Sarah told us how she was surprised to be contacted by the Social Democrats offering her an opportunity to do bar work to raise money for them.


Geena told us of her battle to find out who had used her company's credit card to but flights flights but couldn't due to GDPR rules while Gerard told us how he believes voluntary organisations could be negatively affected by GDPR.

Taxi Attack

We heard from taxi driver Sam as he recounted his terrifying ordeal during an assault in his taxi. Micheal shared his story of being assaulted while working while David told of his difficult experiences as a taxi driver.

Monday 29th April

Without A Trace

RTE reporter Barry Cummins told Joe about two young boys who disappeared without trace in Belfast ion 1974.

Ted Andrew

Sad news reached us of the passing of Canadian Ted Andrew who had cancer and had been on Liveline in 2017. Listeners had helped his family with accommodation during his stay in hospital.


The impact and effects of anorexia can last for many years and impacts on the entire family as listeners told Joe.

Taxi Driver Attacked

The recent attack on a taxi driver by an inebriated passenger once again highlights the dangers of those working in the industry.

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