Like Family

Like Family

Like Family Wednesday 2 September 2020

Brenda is on the road again, travelling Ireland, talking to families, examining trends and watching the changes in Irish family life.

Like Family

Like Family

Covid 19 is not only damaging our health, it is eroding our social fabric. Brenda Donohue asks the experts for their view on the impact of the virus on family life.

Older Family Members and Covid 19 | Like Family

In this edition of Like Family, Professors Rose Anne Kenny and Assumpta Ryan discuss the impact of Covid 19 on older members of families with Brenda Donohue.

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In the new series of Like Family, Brenda Donohue travels Ireland meeting families to talk about what's on their minds. 

How does caring impact on family relationships?  Are families businesses finding it hard to entice a new generation into the firm?  What does a newborn experience in its first weeks in a new family?  What does the GAA mean to families when all eyes are on the championship prize?  



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Presenter: Brenda Donohue

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