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Like Family


Monday 5th April

Triplets | Like Family

Brenda Donohue, follows the Hopkins/Lennon family from Bettystown, as they welcome identical triplets into the world. Having triplets at any time can be very daunting but especially during a pandemic and now as the three girls approach their first birthday, we see how they have managed. It's a rollercoaster of tears, sleep deprivation and joy.

Wednesday 17th March

St Patricks Day | Like Family

In this special St Patrick's Day programme, Brenda meets Irish families whose dreams have scattered them across the world and families whose dreams have brought them to Ireland.

Friday 1st January

Christmas 2020 Episode 5 | Like Family

Brenda revisits families she met in 2020 to reflect on how they coped in a year like no other, and with the vaccine roll out, how they see 2021..

Thursday 31st December

Christmas 2020 Episode 4 | Like Family

Brenda meets with battle weary families facing into an uncertain Winter of lockdown and still no vaccine.

Wednesday 30th December

Christmas 2020 Episode 3 | Like Family

Brenda catches up with families in the Summer of 2020 as, with lockdown lifted, they reunite.

Tuesday 29th December

Christmas 2020 Episode 2 | Like Family

As the first lockdown draws to an end, Brenda meets families who reflect on the missed milestones of the Spring of 2020.

Monday 28th December

Christmas 2020 Episode 1 | Like Family

Brenda meets Irish families during the first month of the pandemic to see how they are coping.

Monday 26th October

Pandemic | Like Family

Since March, Brenda has been meeting families and finding out how they are weathering this pandemic. As Autumn ends, she meets families digging in for a long Winter.

Wednesday 2nd September

Older Family Members and Covid 19 | Like Family

In this edition of Like Family, Professors Rose Anne Kenny and Assumpta Ryan discuss the impact of Covid 19 on older members of families with Brenda Donohue.

Monday 3rd August

The Cost of Covid 19 | Like Family

With families on the move again, Brenda meets young and old as they reconnect with each other and count the cost of Covid 19.

Monday 1st June

Milestones during Covid 19 | Like Family

On this June Bank Holiday, Brenda Donohue takes a snap shot of Irish family life. We meet families as they mark significant milestones against the backdrop of Covid 19.

Monday 4th May

Pandemic | Like Family

In this episode of Like Family, Brenda asks four Irish families to give us a picture of their family life in this pandemic. Emma and Dave who are expecting triplets; Becky who is homeschooling her children; Ahmed and Reema who are marking Ramadam and Kate whose father died from Covid 19 all tell Brenda their stories.

Monday 23rd December

Gaelic4Mothers and Others | Like Family

Brenda Donohue visits Sheriff St, Dublin 1 and meets the women on the 'Gaelic4Mothers and Others' football team. What they lack in skill on the pitch, they make up for in laughter, support and comradery. Many of them have had very difficult, challenging lives, so for them the Sheriff St Ladies Gaelic Football team is Like Family.

Thursday 5th September

Housework | Like Family

In this edition of Like Family, Brenda talks about housework. In a world of increasing equality, why are women still doing more housework than men and why do they seem to worry about it more?

Thursday 29th August

Irish Fathers | Like Family

In this week's Like Family, Brenda meets a new Dad and some older fathers and grandfathers to reflect on the changing roles of Irish fathers. She also meets Brian Dennehy of who explains why, with changing roles, it is good for fathers to talk to each other.

Thursday 22nd August

Eco Action | Like Family

In 2019, school children starting protesting against climate change. Brenda meets some children and their families to find out what is behind families taking eco action.

Thursday 15th August

Grief and Loss | Like Family

On this week's Like Family, Brenda talks to family members about coping with grief and loss

Thursday 8th August

Holidays | Like Family

Trish Murphy, psychotherapist, explains to Brenda that the memories created during family holidays can sustain a family through the ups and downs of life.

Thursday 1st August

Like Family - Digital Detox

In this edition of Like Family, Brenda visits St John's National School in Kenmare where she meets pupils, teachers, parents and internet safety expert Ger Bric to discuss the school's digital detox programme. She asks if being absorbed in the digital world is undermining our real world family relationships?

Thursday 25th July

Like Family - Sport

This week, Brenda Donohue asks how important is family support to elite sporting success? She meets canoeist Jenny Egan and boxer Eric Donovan and discusses the latest research with Kate Kirby of the Sport Ireland Institute.

Thursday 18th July

Like Family - Photos

When is the last time that you took out your smartphone and took a photo? What happened then? In the past, the family photo album was a treasured possession. In this edition of Like Family, Brenda Donohue asks what is happening to family photos in the digital age?

Friday 19th April

Like Family - Faith

In this edition of Like Family, Brenda talk to families in Ireland about faith. Ionela and Roxane are sisters-in-law and Romanian Orthodox Christians. Orthodox Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Ireland, according to recent census data.

Monday 24th December

Like Family - Christmas Eve Special

When the first star appears at tea time on Christmas Eve, Poles traditionally gather to celebrate Christmas. Brenda Donohue is meeting Polish families on Christmas Eve.

Wednesday 19th December

Like Family Christmas Special

On this Christmas night special of Like Family, Brenda Donohue celebrates the success of the Irish women's hockey team - silver medallists at World Cup 2018 - and the families who support them

Saturday 1st September


Brenda meets families whose stories have been shaped by the GAA.

Wednesday 22nd August

Families and Food

This weeks episode is about families and food - growing, cooking and eating together.

Wednesday 15th August

Families and the GAA

As the Championship season reaches its' climax, Brenda meets families for whom the GAA has become a central part of their lives.

Wednesday 8th August


Brenda meets families to talk about living with faith and living with none

Wednesday 1st August

Family of the Future

In a changing world, Brenda asks what will the family of the future look like?

Wednesday 25th July

New Arrival

Brenda meets Oisin, a new arrival. How does a newborn experience his family?

Wednesday 18th July

Family Business

Brenda meets families with a family business and asks what the future holds.

Wednesday 11th July

Family Carers

Brenda meets family carers, some of the 200,000 men and women who give 6 million hours of special care every week.

Wednesday 4th July

Like Family - Global Romance

Global romance - Brenda Donohue talks to families about international love, finding home and raising children.

Saturday 24th December

Like Family Christmas Special

In this special edition of Like Family, Brenda Donohue travels around Ireland meeting babies born in 2016.

Wednesday 27th July

Like Family Episode 4

This week Brenda Donohue meets the Millennials. Aged between twenty and thirty six, this generation are navigating uncertain waters in the transition from childhood to adulthood. Precarious is the new word in the Like Family vocabulary! But are they worse off than previous generations?

Wednesday 20th July

Like Family Episode 3

Brenda Donohue asks what is it like to grow older in Ireland, finds out that loneliness is an important risk to well-being and wonders what are grandparents up to?

Wednesday 13th July

Like Family Episode 2

Brenda Donohue meets couples to talk about marriage. Last year, the marriage equality referendum was passed. Marriage has changed, but is it still important?

Wednesday 6th July

Like Family

In the first programme of the Like Family series, Brenda Donohue visits Ratoath in County Meath, once a small village, now a town in Dublin's commuter belt.

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