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Inside Culture Monday 27 November 2017

Creativity, Culture and a world of Ideas on Inside Culture presented by Fionn Davenport 10pm Mondays RTE Radio 1.

Profiles, interviews, features and discussion with emerging and established Irish and International people in the creative and cultural sectors.                  

This is a versatile programme that can move across disciplines from crafts to cultural agendas and will include long-form discussions and features on well known artists, cultural topics and the history of ideas. The range will give an access point for the general listener as well as a more seasoned and professional arts listenership.                                                                        

This programme aims to create an intimacy with artists’ work and provide textured pieces that inform and provide a listening experience with high production values.                                                                        

Independently produced by Zoe Comyns – the show brings together a team of innovative radio makers who have a passion, understanding and sensibility for Arts and Culture who will create a far-reaching and fresh sounding series that complements the existing output on RTE Radio 1.

Inside Culture

Inside Culture

This week we celebrate 20 years of the contemporary music collective Crash Ensemble with Donnacha Dennehy, Kate Ferries, Malachy Robinson, Iarla Ó Lionáird and Gavin Friday.

Inside Culture, Monday 27th November

On tonight’s programme, we celebrate 20 years of Ireland’s leading new music group, Crash Ensemble. Since 1997 Crash has built an international reputation for boundary-pushing music and collaborating with an eclectic group of musicians and artists.

Fionn Davenport will be joined in studio by founding member and composer Donnacha Dennehy, Artistic Director and cellist Kate Ellis and another founding member and bass player Malachy Robinson.

The guests will talk about the early days of Crash Ensemble, how it has developed over the last 20 years both at home and abroad and how they’ve managed to continually seek out and work with new composers. They will also discuss some of their favourite collaborations from the past 20 years, highlights in terms of live events and plans for the future.

Gavin Friday will talk about his on off collaborative work with Crash Ensemble since 2005, particularly getting to perform the Frederic Rzewski piece ‘Coming Together’ live on numerous occasions. Gavin will also talk about the cultural importance of having Crash Ensemble operating in Ireland and the strong working relationships he has built up with individual members of the Ensemble.

Another long-time Crash collaborator is Iarla Ó Lionáird and he will share his memories of working with Crash particularly on the track ‘Grá agus Bás’ which Donnacha Dennehy wrote for Iarla in 2006. He will take the song apart, piece by piece, and tell the story of how the it was recorded and the challenges he faced performing it.

Linda Buckley has composed numerous pieces for Crash over the last few years and she shares some stories about the impact Crash had on her at the beginning of her journey into new music in the late 1990’s and the joy of getting to compose original music like ‘Torann’ for the Ensemble.

Finally, Crash has worked with musicians across many genres over the past 20 years including a number of singer songwriters such as Lisa Hannigan, Beth Orton Sam Amidon, Adrian Crowley and most recently Waterford ambient folk/pop artist Katie Kim.

Katie and Crash brought their collaboration ‘Salt Interventions’ to a number of venues across the country this year which featured special arrangements composed by Sean Clancy of Kim’s 2016 Choice Music Prize Nominated Album, ‘Salt’.  

Katie will talk about taking her music into new territory and getting to work with Crash.

Music Played on the Show

Coming Together

Coming Together

Gavin Friday/Crash Ensemble


Lord I'M Coming

Lord I'M Coming

Gavin Friday


Grá Agus Bás

Grá Agus Bás

Iarla Ó Lionáird/Crash Ensemble




Linda Buckley


Beautiful Human

Beautiful Human

Katie Kim


Past Tundra

Past Tundra

Valgeir Sigurðsson




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