Inside Culture

Inside Culture

Mon, 10pm

Inside Culture Monday 23 October 2017

Creativity, Culture and a world of Ideas on Inside Culture presented by Fionn Davenport 10pm Mondays RTE Radio 1.

Profiles, interviews, features and discussion with emerging and established Irish and International people in the creative and cultural sectors.                  

This is a versatile programme that can move across disciplines from crafts to cultural agendas and will include long-form discussions and features on well known artists, cultural topics and the history of ideas. The range will give an access point for the general listener as well as a more seasoned and professional arts listenership.                                                                        

This programme aims to create an intimacy with artists’ work and provide textured pieces that inform and provide a listening experience with high production values.                                                                        

Independently produced by Zoe Comyns – the show brings together a team of innovative radio makers who have a passion, understanding and sensibility for Arts and Culture who will create a far-reaching and fresh sounding series that complements the existing output on RTE Radio 1.

Inside Culture

Inside Culture

We speak to comedians Fern Brady, Jayde Adams & others about the offending audiences, taboo subjects and truth. Also how improv techniques helps with a fear of public speaking.

Inside Culture, Monday 23rd October

Art Summit Ireland takes place on November 3rd at the Merrion Hotel, Dublin and is designed for those who want to learn about the art ecosystem and how to sensibly invest in it. 

Conference organiser Rosanne McDonnell speaks to Fionn Davenport about why she decided to set up Art Summit, the art ecosystem and the business of art collecting.

Gallery owner Oliver Sears joins Fionn in studio to discuss the life of an art collector, the economics of running an art gallery and the state of the Irish market today.

Also on the show, finding humour in dark places. Dublin comedian Conor O’Toole chats to Fionn about changing tastes and boundaries amongst Irish audiences. We also hear from Fern Brady whose stand-up routine includes stories about her past life working as a stripper and time spent in a teenage mental health unit. 

Award winning Bristol comedian Jayde Adams, speaks about how the death of her sister inspired her to pursue a career in comedy and we also catch up with Anne Edmonds to hear how she explores darker themes such as abortion while on stage and how audiences react to this form of humour.

Finally, Liam Geraghty explores the world of improv with Niall Curran, Sharon Mannion and David Nihill and finds out how thinking on your feet helps people get over their fear of public speaking.



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Presenter: Fionn Davenport 


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