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Brendan Grace laid to rest

Hundreds of fans have lined the streets of the Liberties in Dublin cheering and applauding as Brendan Grace's coffin was carried into the Church of St Nicholas of Myra for his funeral mass this afternoon. Sarah spoke to Samantha Libreri who was at the funeral.

Iron Age Log Boat

Dozens of people made their way to a pier at Knockferry on the shores of Lough Corrib in County Galway on Saturday for the launch of a replica 2,400-year-old log boat. Lorna Siggins went along to find out what happened!

Child Maintenance Payments

More than half of parents pursuing child maintenance payments must resort to court orders, while 42% of primary carers are raising children without a financial contribution from the other parent. That's according to a new national study published today by One Family, Ireland's organisation for people parenting alone.

Cervical Check

The HSE has announced that there will be "an immediate rapid review" into the IT glitch that led to 800 women not receiving their smear test results. Sarah spoke to Lorraine Walsh, board member of 221+ group.

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