Thursday 15th November

Going nuclear in Ireland

Sean Duke, Science Journalist, joins Mary to talk about the environmental argument for Ireland investing in nuclear power.

Prematurity at The Rotunda Hospital

On World Prematurity Day, Fergal Malone, Master of Rotunda, joins Mary to speak about the hospital's highest ever survival rate for babies born at 28 weeks.

Enduring appeal of vinyl

This weekend, lovers of music and vinyl will be gathering at the Dún Laoghaire Vinyl Festival where the likes of Lenny Abrahamson, Bronagh Gallagher and Julie Feeney will be in conversation... In anticipation of that, our reporter Liam Geraghty has been looking into what makes vinyl so special.

Galway 2020 relaunch

Following controversy over budget cuts, resignations and criticism from the Arts community, Patricia Philbin, CEO of Galway 2020, speaks to Mary about their plans to rejuvinate the Galway 2020 project.

Peadar Tóibín resignation

Peadar Tóibín, Meath West TD, speaks to Mary about his resignation from Sinn Féin after twice being suspended from the party over his views on abortion.

Wednesday 14th November

Olivia O'Leary

In her political column this week about Brexit....Olivia O'Leary says reasoned argument has nothing to do with it.

Homeless Families Take Refuge in a Dublin Mosque

With the number of homeless families continuing to rise a growing number of muslim women and children have been using a Mosque in Dublin as a place of refuge during the day. Drivetime's Della Kilroy had this report.

Tuesday 13th November

Brexit Scoop

With news just filtering through that EU and UK negotiators have agreed on a text that deals with the Irish border, RTE's Europe Editor, Tony Connelly, brought Mary a Brexit Exclusive... Can Theresa May see white smoke?

Sammy Wilson

As reports came in that EU and UK negotiators have agreed on a text that deals with the Irish border, Mary was joined on the line by Sammy Wilson, DUP MP, to hear his reaction...

Stan Lee RIP

Stan Lee, the legendary writer, editor and publisher of Marvel Comics has died aged 95. Lee was the co-creator of characters including Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil and the X-Men. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been looking back on the life of the comic book giant.

Karl Collins Inquest

30-year old Karl Collins was a a surf instructor, originally from Dublin but living in Co Leitrim, who took his own life while in the care of St Columba's mental health unit in Sligo. A jury at the inquest into his death has recommended new protocols in patient observation to prevent similar tragedies. His sister, Maria, spoke to Mary about Karl, and the family's reaction to the inquest...

Monday 12th November

School Secretaries

Barry Lenihan reports as school secretaries nationwide prepare to launch a campaign against their precarious employment and pay.

Re-weighing the Kilo

Philip Boucher-Hayes reports on a revolution in the way we measure all weights

Thursday 8th November

Precarious Employment

Philip Boucher-Hayes and Della Kilroy report

Tuesday 6th November


Barry Lenihan reports on a Government Clampdown on Rickshaws.

Monday 5th November

New Alcohol Rules

Barry Lenihan reports on the Public Health Alcohol Act- and what will and won't happen as a result of the new law.

Friday 2nd November

Patsy Kelly

Barry Lenihan reports new evidence in the case of Patsy Kelly, the Independent Nationalist Councillor abducted and murdered in Tyrone in 1974.

Thursday 1st November

Patsy Kelly

Barry Lenihan outlines the five separate police investigations into the killing of Nationalist Councillor Patsy Kelly in Tyrone in 1974, including a bar room admission and a missing police file.

Wednesday 31st October

Patsy Kelly

Barry Lenihan reports on the killing of Independent Nationalist Councillor Patsy Kelly.

Tuesday 30th October

60% of all animals wiped out since 1970

Philip Boucher-Hayes looks at the World Wildlife Fund's 'Living Planet 2018' report

Thursday 18th October

The rise of gender neutral clothes

Grainne Ahern of Gimme Fashion.com on the increasing popularity of gender neutral clothing

Presidential Campaign Trail - Peter Casey

Reporter Barry Lenihan joins Presidential hopeful Peter Casey on the campaign trail as he visits Cork and Tipperary

Blasphemy referendum

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan and Professor of Journalism Colum Kenny debate the issues around the blasphemy referendum

Monday 15th October

Psychology of Shame

Dr Paul D'Alton, Principal Clinical Psychologist at St Vincent's University Hospital and UCD joined Mary for his Monday series and this week he looks at the psychology of shame.

Drugs in Galway

Concerns have been raised about teenage drug use and children as young as 13 using Valium across the West of Ireland, Drivetime reporter John Cooke went to investigate.

Friday 12th October

ADHD - Professor Eric Taylor

Professor Eric Taylor speaks about diagnosing and living with ADHD and how it can form the basis of a creative career

Thursday 11th October

Disclosures - Part 3

Our reporter Barry Lenihan joins us with reactions to the publication of the Disclosures Tribunal.

Disclosures - Part 2

Returning our coverage of the latest tribunal report, and Francesca Comyn we concentrate in this segment on the smears against Sergeant Maurice McCabe and also what Justice Peter Charlton said about the need for leadership in the Gardai.

Naughten Resignation With Mary Lou McDonald

As we continue our coverage of the resignation of Denis Naughten we are joined by Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald

Rules Of Political Lobbying

Today's developments with Denis Naughten resigning as Minister for Communications, raise huge questions regarding the issue of lobbying and the rules around it. Gary Murphy, Professor of Politics at DCU and Paul Allen, of Paul Allen & Associates Public Relations; one of whose service offerings is lobbying join us to discuss.

Denis Naughten Resigns

Denis Naughten has resigned as Minister for Communications following the controversy surrounding his contacts with the lead bidder, David McCourt. Fianna Fail Spokesperson on Communications, Timmy Dooley and Minister for Finance Paschal Donohue join us with their reactions.

Disclosures - Part 1

The Disclosures Tribunal has published its third interim report today, in which it strongly criticises the child and family agency Tusla, for its handling of a false rape claim made against the Garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe, Francesca Comym reports.

Tuesday 9th October

5 minute Budget 2019 recap

Hold on to your hats - here's Paschal Donohoes 75 minute speech condensed in to less than 5 minutes.

Monday 8th October

Dr Paul D'Alton on the psychological impact of not having a place to call home

Dr Paul D'Alton is Principal Clinical Psychologist at St Vincent's University Hospital and UCD. He says the need for a place to call home is carried deep in the human brain.

A Direct Provision Centre has announced it's to close before Christmas, but where will its residents go?

It emerged that a Dublin Direct Provision centre (in Clondalkin), which houses 225 people, is to close in just eight weeks' time, on December 3rd. Graham Clifford had this report.

The €1.7m housing estate lying idle because Traveller families won't move in without space for their horses

A group of Traveller families in Tipperary say they won't move into a new housing development unless stables and land are provided for their horses - a commitment they say the Council gave them ten years ago. They spoke to our reporter John Cooke.

'Affordable' Housing - how do you make it work?

Hugh Brennan, CEO of the not-for-profit 'O Cualann Cohousing Alliance', who have built 49 affordable houses (costing €215k for a 3 bed house), joined us in studio to explain what it takes to build such houses.

Harold's Cross Greyhound Stadium

Barry Lenihan reports on the questions surrounding the sale of Harold's Cross Greyhound Stadium.

Wednesday 3rd October

Warning over possible water contamination

Irish Water is to contact over 140,000 households and businesses over the coming weeks to inform them their water supply is 'at risk.' Paul Melia, Environment Editor of the Irish Independent spoke to Drivetime

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy spoke to Drivetime on the day thousands raised the roof outside the Dail...

Raising the Roof protest

The housing campaign coordinated by agencies and bodies from across civil society brought thousands on to the streets this lunchtime... Drivetime's Della Kilroy was amongst the crowds gathered outside Dail Eireann

Tuesday 2nd October

Citizen Scientists wanted

The Environmental Protection Agency wants schools to monitor air quality, and work with scientists in measuring levels of pollution. Stephanie Long is a senior scientist with the EPA and joins us now...

Brexpos - prepare for Brexit expos from Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland launched a nationwide series of Brexit Advisory Clinics, starting in Galway. And from a wide variety of businesses selling anything from fake tan to farm machinery - many fear the worst as John Cooke found out...

Olivia O'Leary - 3rd October

In her political column this week....Olivia O'Leary asks have we been here before?

Mary Lou McDonald responds to Arlene Foster saying the Good Friday Agreement is 'not sacrosanct'.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph Arlene Foster said that the agreement could be altered to accommodate a final Brexit deal. Sinn Fein president Mary Lou McDonald spoke to Drivetime.

Gavin Duffy presidency campaign launch

Fergal Keane reports on the official launch of Gavin Duffy's bid to be president.

What does The Good Friday Agreement actually do?

DUP leader, Arlene Foster, said the Good Friday Agreement could be altered to accommodate a final Brexit deal... Professor Pete Shirlow, Director of the University of Liverpool's Institute of Irish Studies, explained what the 20 year old deal has achieved.

Are GPs 'false self-employed'?

Freelance medical journalist Niamh Cahill spoke to Drivetime about a story she had in The Medical Independent - where the NAGP will be making a submission to the CCPC this week, seeking to have GPs recognised as being 'falsely self-employed'...

Bypass for Galway

Barry Lenihan reports as Cabinet approves proposal for a 600 million euro long-awaited bypass for Galway City...but not everyone is happy.

Monday 1st October

Does Mayo Minister Ring Favour Home County?

Barry Lenihan reports after Rural Development Minister Michael Ring gives highest slice of funding scheme to his home county- Minister Ring says he's not in the wrong.

Joan Freeman launches her campaign for Aras 18

Presidential hopeful Joan Freeman launched her campaign for the Aras in Dublin this afternoon. Fergal Keane went along to the launch

Friday 28th September

Questions for Presidential Candidates

Barry Lenihan reports on the Questions facing the Aras Six ahead of the first full week of campaigning.

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