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Philip Boucher-Hayes started writing for local newspapers in 1987 and joined RTÉ in 1993. He began reporting on 5-7 Live and the Gerry Ryan Show before producing the Gay Byrne Show. Philip’s reporting has taken him to Iraq, Lebanon, Kosovo, Latin America, Israel, occupied Palestinian Territories, Iran, Tsunami-hit South East Asia and New York for September 11th. He was Head of RTÉ Radio’s Investigative Unit for three years, during which time he won the PPI News Broadcaster of the Year award, having previously won The Law Society’s Justice Media Award. In 2009 Philip wrote a book with his wife Suzanne Campbell: Basketcase: What’s Happening Ireland’s Food? He has made several documentaries and series for television including What’s Ireland Eating? and Buyer Beware. Currently Philip presents Crimecall with Grainne Seoige

Treasure Island 1: X Marks The Spot

Treasure Island 2: The Found Something

Treasure Island 3: Trust Nothing

Treasure Island 4: The Gentleman Adventurer

Treasure Island 5: The Hunt For The Falcon Blanco

Treasure Island 6: Plot Twist 

1 million species to be made extinct by humans

Philip Boucher-Hayes reports on the UN report highlighting the need for a plan to save nature.


Drivetime's Philip Boucher-Hayes reports on the National Broadband Plan that is set to be approved by the government in coming weeks.

Paddy Cosgrave admits to tax avoidance

Philip Boucher-Hayes talks to the Web Summit founder about his tax campaign.

Paddy Cosgrave's tax reform campaign

Philip Boucher-Hayes gets shown the door when he attempts to ask questions about the suspended Facebook ad campaign.

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Anushka Asthana, Host of the Today in Focus, Guardian podcast, talks about Dominic Cumming's personality and political strategy.

Yoko Ono and John Lennon in 1969

Kate O'Malley, Historian at the Royal Irish Academy, talks to Mary about Yoko Ono and John Lennon's political legacy.

Defective Apartments

Drivetime's Barry Lenihan on reports of defective apartments in Dublin, Kildare and Clare.



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