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The Nobody Zone: Episode 1 - It Plays On Your Mind

Ep 1/6: "It Plays On Your Mind" In a forgotten London underworld, a homeless Irishman kills multiple times without detection, unseen in a world where nobody seems to care. A true crime series from RTÉ in Ireland and Third Ear in Denmark. (Feb 18th 2020)

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  • 3.8/5 (96 ratings)
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3.8/5 (96 ratings)

The Nobody Zone: Episode 2 - A Hidden Truth?

Ep 2/6 A Hidden Truth? In 2015, amidst claims by a retired police officer of mass murder and cover up, the British Police reopen the case files of Kieran Patrick Kelly. But is the new evidence to be trusted? Episode 2/6. (February 25th 2020)

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The Nobody Zone: Episode 3 - The Numbers Game

Ep 3/6. The Numbers Game. Why do claims of the number of Kieran Patrick Kelly's past victims keep on rising? Fresh information is put to the test. Episode 3 of 6 (Released March 3rd 2020)

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The Nobody Zone: Episode 4 - True Confessions

Ep 4/6. The tape. In a smoke filled interview room in Clapham Police Station, Kieran Patrick Kelly confesses to multiple murders. Dates, times, locations. Should we believe everything he's saying?. Episode 4 of 6 (Released March 10th 2020)

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The Nobody Zone: Episode 5 - Another Side

EP 5/6. As Kieran Patrick Kelly descended into a life of murder and violence, he displayed a number of sides to his character. But what were they, and what do they tell us about him? Episode 5 of 6 (March 17th 2020)

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The Nobody Zone: EP6 - Bringing It All Back Home

EP 6/6. As we bring the series to a close, what stories lie buried in Kieran Kelly's home town of Rathdowney? Have we reached the end of the line? Episode 6 of 6 (March 24th 2020)

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The Nobody Zone: Episode 1 - It Plays On Your Mind

A homeless Irishman is arrested on Clapham Common in London for stealing a wedding ring, only to murder another man in his police cell. When interviewed by police, he confesses to multiple murders. Episode 1/6. (Released Feb 18th 2020)

The Nobody Zone is a collaboration between RTÉ's Documentary On One in Ireland and Third Ear productions in Denmark.

For full information, please visit The Nobody Zone website (click here)

The Nobody Zone is written and narrated by Tim Hinman.

Storyline and production is by Tim Hinman and Krister Moltzen.

Original idea, research and recordings are by Robert Mulhern, Ronan Kelly and Liam O'Brien with production assistance from Sarah Blake, Donal O'Herlihy, Tim Desmond, Nicoline Greer and Michael Lawless.

If you wish to join the social media conversation around this podcast, please use #thenobodyzone, or visit

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Original music for the series is by Tim Hinman.

The title music is the song 'Missing you' written by Jimmy McCarthy and performed by Christy Moore.

Graphics, marketing and press by John Kilkenny, Laura Beatty, Amy O'Driscoll, Nigel Wheatley, Frederik Nielbo, Jilly McDonough, Ellen Leonard, Bren Murphy and Anna Joyce. Illustrations by Alex Williamson.

Special thanks to the British Transport Police.

The Nobody Zone is being offered in five languages, English (via Acast) Danish, Spanish and German (via Podimo) and Irish (in association with RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta)

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