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Thomas and Tess

Tess Murray never forgot her first love. She was engaged to Thomas McEver during the Irish War of Independence, but their lives changed when he was abducted, brutally murdered and accused of being a spy. (2019)

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3.6/5 (113 ratings)

Documentary Maker; Geoff Power

Geoff Power is a freelance producer and writer. But it didn’t start off that way: Geoff did Business and Economics in Trinity College before a post-grad in journalism at NUI Galway set him on a more suitable path.

Geoff teaches creative writing part-time at the Midlands Prison, in Portlaoise. He has also given many writing workshops in other Irish prisons. Over the past ten years, he has mostly worked for Midas Productions, producing several documentaries for RTE2 including Ireland’s Sulky Racers and Rural Addiction. He is currently producing two documentaries for TG4 and one for RTE1. He has also written and produced a couple of plays. 


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