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To Boston and Back

RTÉ producer Norris Davidson travels to Boston, America for the first time with his recording equipment, he wonders what one of America's oldest cities has to offer. This two-part travel feature which was also a entry for Prix Italia 1959. (1959)

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4.3/5 (3 ratings)

To Boston and Back

Our timeless documentary is a flying visit of Boston; To Boston and Back as presenter Norris Davidson travels to Boston by air, touching down in America for a short time before returning home to Ireland.

Norris boards the first flight of an Irish airliner operating a direct flight from Dublin to Boston, but before he leaves for America he must ensure that he is not carrying Smallpox and visits a GP to be vaccinated against. Smallpox was an infectious disease caused by one of two virus variants.

As he parks his car in the Airport, he boards the St. Bridget aircraft and begins his trip to America in the hands of the crew. He reflects on foreign travel, transatlantic travel and those who commute more often than him.

This two part travel feature was a entry for Prix Italia 1959.

Norris Davidson joined Radio Éireann as a scriptwriter in 1947. He became head of scriptwriters in 1961 and started producing television documentaries that same year. He occupied the head of scriptwriters position until 1969 when he became a full-time television producer. He also wrote two novels, 'Galore Park' and 'The Soft Impeachment'.  

First broadcast RTÉ Radio 1, 18 May 1959

Presented by Norris Davidson 

Produced by Michael Garvey 

Sound Ops D.A Ó hYallaig & Jim Mac Hale

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