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Polonium and the Piano Player - Part 1

Ep1 of 2: Derek Conlon, a Dublin piano player, gets sucked into one of the world's most notorious assassinations, the 2006 poisoning of ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in London - becoming forever intertwined in a world of Russian murder & deceit (2020)

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  • 4.2/5 (27 ratings)
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4.2/5 (27 ratings)

Documentary Maker : Kieran Devaney

Kieran Devaney was born in the east Dublin suburb of Liverpool in 1954. He lives  in Rosses Point in County Sligo. He has written extensively for the London Times and other world-wide publications. During a 30-year-career in television he has reported and produced programmes around the world for TV am, Channel 4, ITN and Sky News in the United Kingdom, CNN in the United States and until his retirement he produced the Vincent Browne Programme for TV3 in Ireland.

In 2009 he  moved from Dublin to Sligo to become a full time author. His novel The Drumcliffe Pilots about W B Yeats’ fascination with both the occult and the enigmatic Eva Gore Booth was hailed as "A Hefty Volume Worth its Weight" by the writer J P Dunleavy.

His latest novel The Waves of Tory tells the story of a romance between an Island girl and a member of the crew of a German U Boat and an audacious  plot to smuggle Hitler to South America.

He is now working on a third novel, The Eldorado,  a story of a shipwreck, and survival in the Canadian wilderness which is due for publication in the Spring of 2019.

During his career in radio and television he has produced more than 100 documentaries some of which won him major  international accolades including a Sony Award in Britain and two Gold Medals at New York International Festival of Radio and Television.

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