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Tiger Roll, The People's Horse Ep1: A Star is Born

In March 2010, a foal is born. Growing up on a lake shore farm in Ireland, with his mother and the man who bred him, his whole world changed when he was sold at 8 months old - to begin his journey into the world of horse racing. EP 1/6. (2021)

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  • 3.4/5 (15 ratings)
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3.4/5 (15 ratings)

Colin McElarney

Colin was born in Canada, grew up in Dundalk, studied in Limerick, worked in Galway, Vancouver, New York and Dublin. He is living in Rush Co.Dublin with his wife Emily and their three children, Séimí, Sonny and Elsie Mai. Colin has been in the broadcasting industry since 2000. He has worked in Tg4, TodayFm and is currently working in RTÉ Technology. Whilst usually behind the scenes generally plugging cables in, this is Colins first radio documentary.

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