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War and Want

After years of neglect, community leaders from townlands in South Africa and Mozambique use their initiative to rebuild their villages through self-aid projects, against the background of apartheid and dire socio-economic conditions. (1994)

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War and Want

When apartheid ended in South Africa, little changed for the ordinary people in predominately black communities, having suffered untold hardships under this brutal regime they continued to struggle against terrible socio-economic conditions and newly elected officials with little plans in place. Their neighbours to the East in Mozambique faced massive poverty and a serious refugee crisis following a South African state-sponsored war, which curtailed any type development or progress in this country. 

For people living in the townland of Lebowa, their lives were a constant struggle to gain access to basic human needs like water or electricity. The women in the village have to get up at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning and travel miles to get water for consumption in their homes. It was this kind of hardship that got the people of Lebowa thinking about ways that they could bring fresh drinking water to their village. The local government of Lebowa offered no financial help or support to the people, so community leaders decided to take matters into their owns hands and through a self-help project, they managed to bring water to their doors. 

Across the Eastern border, Mozambique's junior planning minister reports on the extent of the refugee problem facing his country following decades of a white South African sponsored war which destabilised the region. 

Both of these stories are tales against the struggle of apartheid, they both demonstrate the immensity of the task of rebuilding facing all the people in the southern African region now that the destructive ideologies of the past have gone. 

Produced by Rodney Rice ( First broadcast in 1994) 

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