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Green Water Ribbon

In 1986, a motley crew skippered by world-renowned yachtsman, Sir Robin Knox Johnston, attempt to smash the round Ireland record aboard a massive ocean sailing 60-foot catamaran. Will they succeed in breaking the record and live to tell the tale? (1986)

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5.0/5 (2 ratings)

Green Water Ribbon

Enda O'Coineen's life has revolved around boats and the oceans of this world so when the opportunity arose to be part of a team attempting to break the Round Ireland Race record aboard the impressive 60-foot "British Airways 1" catamaran, he gratefully accepted. 

Their craft, an enormous ocean sailing catamaran capable of speeds of up to 30mph, was skippered by world-renowned yachtsman, Sir Robin Knox Johnston, and crewed by a nine-strong motley bunch of experienced sailors. 

Previous record-breaker, Denis Doyle, on the great Moonduster set an astonishing time of 3 days 16hrs 15mins and 43 seconds in the race of 1984 and this is the time that the team are looking to beat. To get within a hair's breadth of breaking Moonduster's time numerous factors must align for the team on this 704-mile round Ireland race.

They will need to keep the boat speeding along at an average of 8 knots and navigate the choppy and unpredictable Atlantic waters along Ireland's west coast. The crew will have to fight exhaustion as they take it in turns to sleep in 4 hours shifts. Plus, the constant danger that this speed machine might capsize on the high seas. Is it possible to sail around the island of Ireland and live to tell the tale? 

Will the crew succeed and become the new record holders of the Round Ireland Race? 

Produced by Dick Warner ( First broadcast on the 19th of May, 1986 ) 

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