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Trail of Tears - A Vision Quest

Descendants of the Choctaw people take part in the annual "Trail of Tears" walk to commemorate their ancestors, who were driven from their lands and forced to march 500-miles - many died en route from disease and starvation. (1992)

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Trail of Tears - A Vision Quest

When the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was signed, there were over 19,000 Choctaws in Mississippi. From 1831 to 1833, approximately 13,000 Choctaws were removed from their homelands by the America government and forced to march 500-miles to Indian Territory in the wildlands of Oklahoma. This march became known as the "Trail of Tears" and many of the Choctaw people lost their lives en route to their new reserve.

As Choctaw's families and friends complete their 500-mile walk to commemorate the removal of their people from their homeland to Indian Territory they tell stories about the hardships that their people suffered during this forced relocation.

As they remember the terrible suffering and loss endured by their ancestors they also celebrate the Choctaw's unique traditions, vibrant culture, and their strong spiritual connection to the land. The Choctaw people have a strong desire to keep their heritage alive and pass on their traditions to future generations. 

What long-term effects did these forced relocations have on the Choctaw's way of life and their traditions? How difficult is it to keep their culture alive?

Part two of a two-part documentary.

Produced by Colin Morrison and presented by Donncha O Dulaing ( First broadcast on the 12th of December (1992) 

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