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Death: Don't Leave It To The Last Minute

When an 81 year old American woman living in Ireland pitched an idea to us about death and dying, we had to find out more. Michael Lawless joined Gray Cahill as she explored exactly what she wants if she loses capacity of mind and upon her death. (2019)

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3.8/5 (77 ratings)

Liamy MacNally

Liamy Mac Nally is a native of Westport, Co Mayo where he lives with his wife Gerardine Boyle, a fellow "Covie" (as Westport natives are called).

A freelance journalist, he previously worked in BBC Three Counties Radio and Midwest Radio in Mayo. He has made several radio documentaries, including the award-winning Knock Airport – What’s the Story (with colleague Teresa O’Malley), Fr Joe Joy – The Spirit Within and Dying For the Cause, a trilogy of programmes on Mayo’s three hunger strikers, Seán McNeela, Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg.

Liamy is also a regular columnist with the Mayo News.

Under the CPR (Covie Publications and Recordings) imprint he supports book publishing, with nineteen titles published to date by various authors. He also works part-time in an administrative role with the Association of Catholic Priests.

He is currently researching a documentary on his late uncle, Liam Hastings, who played on the last Mayo teams to win the Sam Maguire in 1950 and 51. While waiting in joyful hope for Sam to return he listens to Bob Dylan, in any shape, sense or form!

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