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A Valley So Sweet

Finding a dump site is always a headache for councillors. People object to waste having potentially harmful effects on the area where they live. Dumps are rarely located in beauty spots. Why was it decided to build a tiphead in the Vale of Avoca?(1987)

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3.0/5 (5 ratings)

A Valley So Sweet

The problem with the disposing of our waste, both domestic and industrial, is a national one. City corporations, town and county councils, are all faced with the same problem to find a suitable site for the urgent required tipheads or dumps. Empty queries, old caves or empty mines are all suitable for this purpose. 

During the 1980s, County Wicklow faced the problem of finding a site for the disposal of local waste but finding such a place to dump waste in the beautiful garden of Ireland was always going to be a contentious issue.

Local engineers were tasked with the job of identifying and investigating a number different sites before deciding on the old copper mines in Ballymurtagh in Avoca. This idea of having a dump site located in one of the country's most famous beauty spots caused outrage among local groups and anti-dump groups were set up to protest the building of this dump. 

What were the potential damages identified with waste disposal site and what were the concerns for the local wildlife and river? 

Produced by Maxwell Sweeney ( First broadcast in 1987 ) 


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