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The Nobody Zone Returns - Prologue to Eps 7 & 8

With the release of two brand new episodes of The Nobody Zone arriving next week (November 24th & December 1st 2020), we explore the actions and behaviour of Kieran Patrick Kelly with forensic psychologist and criminologist, Dr. Ciara Staunton.

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  • 3.7/5 (17 ratings)
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3.7/5 (17 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Donal O'Herlihy

Donal loves stories, telling them or being told them. He doesn't care what they're about, it's all in the telling. Cyclists, spy catchers, mysterious plaques and huskies have occupied his mind of late.

He's worked at RTE for 20 years as a researcher, reporter, presenter and producer. Before joining the Documentary on One he was Deputy Editor of RTE's Investigations Unit and worked on Living on the List and the investigation into the charity Console amongst others.

Donal has won a number of international awards including a gold medal at the New York Festivals for Finding Private Branch.

Donal lives in Dublin with his beloved twelve-year-old daughter.

Donal has a doctorate in Psychology from UCD and is a keen gardener.


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