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Cricket: The Season

The warm weather has arrived which means it's time to dust of the bats, starch your flannels, and get out your gloves and pads as cricket season has arrived. The coin is tossed and a game of combat between batsman and bowler begins. ( 1996 )

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Cricket: The Season

For some people, cricket is an obsession. When they are not playing the game they are thinking about delivering that perfect ball that smashes the wicket or controlling a fast-moving ball as it speeds towards you at pace. Cricket is a mental game and it gets right inside the player's subconscious. They wait patiently through the long, dark winter months for the warm weather to arrive, this means it's time to get your gloves and pads out of the shed and start brushing up on your batting and bowling skills.

In Ireland, cricket is not a sport that can you can enjoy whenever you feel like heading down to the local pitch for a kick around with some friends. There isn't an abundance of clubs in every parish across the country and the majority of the clubs are found in the leafy suburbs of South County Dublin.

Knockbrack is one of the smallest clubs in Leinster, located between Balbriggan and Swords and it can be a difficult place for visiting teams to find. The club has members from all walks of life, farmers, bank managers, doctors, and solicitors, all sharing a common love of the sport, a love which has been passed down through their families, from one generation to the next.

The club is one of the oldest in the country and faces new challenges of keeping players who are passionate about the sport and their club. How will they attract a new generation of players? 

Produced by Dick Warner and presented by Conor O'Callaghan

First Broadcast in 1996

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