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Speckled Stones - Cursing Stones of Ireland

Cursing stones in Counties Mayo and Sligo are investigated. These particular stones have many superstitions attached to them, and people used them to curse their enemies. Local clergy frowned upon these pagan beliefs. (1977)

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3.7/5 (12 ratings)

Speckled Stones - Cursing Stones of Ireland

Stories of cursing stones in Innishmurray in Co. Sligo and Kilcummin in Co. Mayo amongst others.  These stones were seen as cursed and there were many superstitions around them.  They were used to curse enemies and there was opposition from clergy.  The Kilcummin stones were removed by a priest to Ballina Cathedral.  

Contributors: Patrick Heraughty, Frank Taffee (Ballintogher), Fr. Eoin O'Coluim (Annagray and Tory Island), Sean O'Haughey, Jim Boland (Kilcummin), Fr. Mac Hale (Killala), Etienne Ryan (UCG), Thomas Fraser (Killinagh), Paddy Corrigan (Borroe).

Produced and presented by Proinsias O’Conluain

First Broadcast April 24th 1977

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries.

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