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007, The Irish Connection

James Bond brings many famous names to mind, Ian Fleming, Sean Connery or Grace Jones. The name Kevin McClory is rarely one that people connect with the famous spy. Kevin spent his life pursuing the rights to this character which he helped re-vamp. (2017)

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4.3/5 (91 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Stephen Kinsella

Dr Stephen Kinsella is an economist, columnist and commentator based in Ireland. Interested in macroeconomics. public policy, and the future, Stephen's work has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, VoXEU, and Foreign Policy. A critic of Ireland’s austerity regime, Stephen builds and estimates macroeconomic models in his academic work. Stephen has two PhDs in economics but still manages to make sense sometimes. 

We Couldn’t Understand the Peace is Stephen’s first foray into documentary making.


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