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Thomas and Tess

Tess Murray never forgot her first love. She was engaged to Thomas McEver during the Irish War of Independence, but their lives changed when he was abducted, brutally murdered and accused of being a spy. (2019)

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  • 3.7/5 (106 ratings)
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3.7/5 (106 ratings)

Documentary maker: Joe Kearney

More Information

Documentary Maker: Elliot Rambach

Elliot Rambach is a writer and radio producer from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. His work has aired on public radio stations across the United States, as well as CBC Radio One. He holds an undergraduate degree in Classics and English from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was part of WQHS Penn Student Radio. He’s spent the past year earning a master’s degree here in Ireland and working for Documentary on One. 


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