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GunPlot: Ep 6 - Closing In

Attempts continue to bring black market sub-machine guns and pistols into Ireland. But when an Irish policeman is shot on the streets of Dublin, everything changes. And the forces seeking to undo the entire plot to import guns are growing stronger. (2021)

Documentary Maker: Frank Shouldice

Frank Shouldice is a producer/director with the RTÉ Investigations Unit. He has produced TV documentaries on a wide variety of current affairs issues, including street violence, diesel smuggling in Ireland, EU working conditions, moneylending and bogus charities.

Frank has written extensively for the national press in Ireland, the U.S. and Australia and recently published ‘Grandpa The Sniper,’ a family account of 1916 for Liffey Press. Frank also writes and directs for stage and film and is currently working on a co-production of his play ‘Beneath The Cedar Tree’ with the War Theatre in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

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