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The Baron of Broadway

In the early 1900's, John J Hanley, a young Limerick man left for New York to later gentrify his persona to the 'Baron of Broadway'. He became hugely rich and focused on Irish reunification. So he tried to purchase Northern Ireland (2019)

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4.2/5 (66 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Erin Barnett

Erin Barnett works in television and radio production at RTÉ and is currently working in the Sports Department.

She previously worked in NewsTalk Radio working on highly regarded programmes like Talking History, Sunday with Norris and The Wide Angle.

Working for RTÉ’s television and radio, her credits include Off the Rails, Saturday with Miriam, Saturday with Claire Byrne, The Late Debate, Juice, The Curious World and The Beo Show.

She recently developed a radio series on RTÉ Junior Radio for small children called Music World.

Erin holds a BA in English, Media and Cultural Studios from IADT. Band of Gold is her first radio documentary.

You can find Erin on twitter @ErinBarnettB


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