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The Sweep and the Philosopher

A really feel good radio documentary where a 70 year old chimney sweep and a Professor of philosophy swap jobs.

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  • 4.2/5 (36 ratings)
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4.2/5 (36 ratings)

Documentary Maker : Emer Horgan

Emer Horgan has a background in theatre. She established Youth Theatre Cork, has worked at the Gate Theatre and is a co-director of Shift Theatre Company.

She has worked in radio since 1995 and has made various short-form features for a range of programmes on RTE Radio 1 including “Arena", "The Godslot", and "Sunday Spirit".

She works as a voice over artist and continuity announcer on RTE Radio 1 presenting live on-air and pre-recorded links across the station’s output.

She is the main voice for RTE Radio 1’s current affairs programming announcements and is currently the voice of RTE television’s Liveline campaign. 

Emer also occasionally presents “Playback” as well as various RTE music programmes.  In addition, she voices commercials, audio books and film.

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