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Eight Days a Week

Seán Kilkenny talks about his passion for hunting and how he feels that the hunting ban is not working in the UK. (2008)

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4.3/5 (18 ratings)

Documentary-maker: Ronan Kelly

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Eight Days a Week

Seán Kilkenny adores animals that some other people despise. He is a huntsman who is devoted to his pack of hunting dogs whose job it is to follow and 'break' the fox.

In Niamh Gallagher's documentary, she eavesdrops on Seán's dealings with his dogs and listens to him talk about the etiquette of hunting the and his passion for the hunt. He dismisses the hunt objectors, saying that more foxes are killed by cars than dogs.

He reveals that the hunting ban is not working in the UK and says it will never take off here.

(Niamh made her documentary as part of her DIT Media Arts Course)

Singer: Gari Deegan

First Broadcast: March 9th 2008

Presented and produced by Ronan Kelly.

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