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First Days, Final Days - Revisited

20 years after recording a child's first day at school, the Documentary On One returns to see what has happened since - to the Junior Infants and their teachers.

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4.0/5 (62 ratings)

Documentary-maker: Ronan Kelly

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First Days, Final Days - Revisited

20 years ago, the Documentary On One team put a microphone on a 5-year old boy on his first day in school.

The microphone picked up the sounds of a Junior Infants' classroom from a child's point-of-view: new schoolbags and lunchboxes, sharing toys, boasting about their strength, commenting on distraught classmates.

The team also recorded his teacher as she calmed anxious children.

She was a young teacher while the headmaster of the school was about to retire.

He distracted one hysterical boy by bringing him on his rounds around the school.

The original documentary, entitled,"Documentary On One - First Days, Final Days" was broadcast in January 1994.

Now, those junior infants are in their mid-20s, the Junior Infants teacher is a veteran and the headmaster is in his 80s.

At different stages of their lives, 20 years on, how have they all got on?

Produced by Ronan Kelly

First broadcast on September 7th 2013

The original 1994 documentary can be heard by clicking here.

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