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The Dublin Lock Picking Club

And today, where would go to learn to pick a lock? To a Lock Picking class, of course.

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4.4/5 (19 ratings)

Documentary-maker: Ronan Kelly

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The Dublin Lock Picking Club

TOG is a hackerspace group. That is, a group of like-minded people who gather together every week to share ideas, hold classes and make things.

Every second Tuesday they have a crafters group, who crochet, knit and talk about computer programming. (They also combine the two in a knitting machine that will be connected to the Internet.)

Every other Tuesday, the group meets to pick locks. They have a table full of, mostly, padlocks and they use their picking tools to try to open those padlocks.

Some of the padlocks are simple three pin ones, while others are the more challenging five-pin ones with extra 'security' pins.

Some of the locks have names and initials on them. These are locks that were put on the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin by couples eager to display their lasting love.

Every month, the council cuts them off to protect the bridge, so the Lock Pickers decided to "liberate" some to practise on.

The lock-pickers, like the crafters, also talk programming. There's a strong link between programming and lock-picking and, particularly, computer security and hacking and lock-picking.

The way hackers use the computer's own functionality to hack it, so lock-pickers use the lock's own structure to open it without a key.

Everyone is there for the one thing: the happy 'jolt', that 'moment of joy' when the lock springs open after minutes or hours of frustrated concentration.

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August 2013

The Curious Ear is produced by Ronan Kelly

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