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The Man Who Makes Faces

The man behind the celebrity models in the Dublin Wax Museum

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4.2/5 (6 ratings)

The Man Who Makes Faces

PJ Heraty is a sculptor. One day, over 30 years ago, he was called to an interview with 14 other artists to a Dublin pub.

They were given a task to make a model of the head of an Irish president.

PJ's was the best and he was offered the job of sculptor for the new wax museum.

Because of the time he spends with well-known people and because of his own curiosity, he has a very different take on Irish celebrities.

For example, what's remarkable about Bono, for PJ, is his torso. Gerry Ryan's attitude to wealth. Jedward's sense of responsibility. Noel Purcell's eyebrows. Steve Collins' single-mindedness.

PJ was interviewed by Anna Kate Phelan.

(This programme was an edited version of an assignment submitted for the Radio course in the School of Communications at DCU.)

August 2013

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