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Irish Jack

How a wasted night in a dancehall made one man Ireland's No.1 "Who" fan.

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4.2/5 (13 ratings)

Irish Jack

When Jack Lyons was a teenager, he went to London - it was the early 60s.

When he got there, he dived right into the new music scene and dressed the part too. (You have to hear him describe the gear he wore on the first night he went out dancing there.)

He started life in London as a post boy and, eventually, returned to his native Cork where he worked as a postman until his retirement.

He may have left London but he brought with him the style and the passion for music.

His one big musical obsession is the group, 'The Who'.

He has been to hundreds of their concerts and is friends with the band members.

So much so, that he's called the band's 'fifth member'.

Interview: John Lynch

Photos: Rory Cobbe

Producer: Ronan Kelly

First Broadcast Sat June 8th @ 2.45pm

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