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Over There - Green Cab

A London taxi tour around the stories of the Irish in London, including the more recently-arrived.

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4.4/5 (58 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Robert Mulhern

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Documentary-maker: Ronan Kelly

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Over There - Green Cab

Robert Mulhern is a journalist who lives in London and works for the Irish newspaper there, The Irish Post.

In the previous programme, the retired labourers talked about the generations who came to London after them. They said they were better educated and went for 'office jobs' mostly.

Robert meets some of those new Irish: A 21-year old trainee actuary, an Irishman working among many other Irish in the financial heart of London, a PE teacher in a disadvantaged school and an Irishwoman who's a detective in the Metropolitan Police.

Robert also hears the second half of Dick Fitzgerald's story.

Dick spoke about being homeless and ending up in Pentonville Prison so often that he was given the nickname, "The Governor of Pentonville".

Dick then got control of his drinking and managed to turn his life around to such an extent that he was able to help other alcoholic homeless men. Dick died in April 2013.

Robert visits some of these interviewees in a cab driven by Patricia Toomey.

Produced and narrated by Robert Mulhern.

Production Supervision by Ronan Kelly

This documentary is part of a four-part series on the Irish living and working in UK. These 4 documentaries were funded by the BAI Sound and Vision Scheme.

First Broadcast May 11th 2013

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