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An artist for whom a walk in the park is a visual game.

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3.8/5 (13 ratings)


Fergus Martin is an Irish artist.

His studio is right beside Kings Inns Park in Dublin.

Every morning, he walks in the park. The walk is both calming and stimulating.

The park is peaceful but along the way, he picks up twigs.

These are for kindling but they are also visually interesting for him.

Fergus brings the twigs back to his studio where he designs large-scale public sculptures as well as photographs and paintings.

Although Fergus trained to be a professional artist, at one stage in his life, he abandoned it and took up teaching instead.

However, it was the teaching that brought him back to art; that and the loan of a photocopier. The other obstacle to his art should be his eye problems, that have caused him to lose the sight in one eye but he's determined to keep on making his work.

Fergus's Website:

The Curious Ear is produced by Ronan Kelly

April 2013

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