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The Echo Chamber: The Story of Jihad Jane

One day three people in different parts of the world went online, the meet in a chat room, they talk with each other, it will change their lives forever.

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3.9/5 (119 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Ciaran Cassidy

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The Echo Chamber: The Story of Jihad Jane

On March 10th 2010, Katie Couric opened the CBS evening news in America with the arrest of an Islamic terrorist cell originating in Ireland. The US prosecutors in the case declared the arrests represents ‘the new face of terrorism.’

Two American women and an Irish citizen originally from Algeria were accused of involvement in a conspiracy to kill a Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who had a $100,000 bounty on his head for drawing offensive cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

All three had lived for little over a month together in a small one-bedroom apartment in Waterford but were now looking at cumulatively a hundred years in American prisons. Following a two year investigation 'The Echo Chamber' for the first time tells the story of what had happened in that small apartment in Waterford.

Narrated by Stephen Rea. Produced by Ciaran Cassidy with Martin Johnson (SR - Sweden). Sound supervision by Mark Dwyer.

Additional recordings in Colorado by Andy Mills and in Michigan by Laura Herberg.

Federal Indictment readings by Hope Brown.

First Broadcast 13th April 2013

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