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Rhapsody in Bohemia

A playful deconstruction of Queen's pop classic, Bohemian Rhapsody.

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4.2/5 (34 ratings)

Rhapsody in Bohemia

Pomp rock's classical pretensions come under scrutiny from London "Times" critic and 'innocent ear' Hilary Finch, opera singer Jane Manning, composer Joby Talbot, writer Simon Garfield, film buff Tommy Pearson, Radio 3's CD Review presenter Andrew McGregor, 'tribute band Freddie Mercury', Rob Comber and singer-songwriter Andy Watts who composed a song specially for the programme.


Jane Manning, soprano

Tommy Pearson, musician and film buff

Simon Garfield, writer

Rob Comber, member of "Queen" tribute band

Joby Talbot, composer/former pop musician

Andrew McGregor, broadcaster

Hilary Finch, music critic of "The Times"

Andy Watts, singer-songwriter/"Queen" fan (composed 'Rhapsody of Light' for the programme)

Produced by Alan Hall for 'Falling Tree Productions'

First broadcast in 2005 on BBC Radio 4

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