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We wuz robbed!

We love stories of perfidy and betrayal in Irish history - Irish sports history is no different

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4.5/5 (8 ratings)

We wuz robbed!

The fable of the Irish 1965 World Cup campaign games against Spain. A story of brilliance, luck and dodgy decisions as told by Dermot Corrigan.

Ireland played three games against Spain in the run-up to the 1966 World Cup.

One in Dalymount, Dublin, which they won. One in Sevilla, which they lost. The third was to be played in a neutral venue (these were the days before aggregate scores.)

The two countries' negotiating teams sat down to decide on the neutral ground. Ireland wanted London or Liverpool; Spain wanted Lisbon. Finally, they decided on Paris.

However, when the Irish team ran out onto the Paris pitch, they were greeted by a sea of red and gold Spanish flags - Paris had a huge Spanish population. Hardly a tricolour to be seen - a neutral venue it was not.

Later, it transpired that the FAI had agreed to Paris in return for the gate receipts from both teams - £25,000. Three times their annual income but not as much as they would have received had they qualified.

Ireland lost to Spain in Paris.

Wuz we robbed? Of course we wuz!!

June 2012

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