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You Can Stick Your World Cup

A humorous and momentous trip down memory lane - to May 2002 when Roy Keane, Mick McCarthy and the Saipan saga enveloped the nation. 10yrs on, were we still going on about it? Of course we are! (2012)

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4.2/5 (98 ratings)

Documentary-maker: Ronan Kelly

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You Can Stick Your World Cup

How many years since 'Saipan'? Five? Six? Seven? Why would you mention that one word to Irish people this year?

Because it's 10 years since the whole Saipan saga. It was just before the World Cup of 2002 that Roy and Mick had their row on the Pacific island of Saipan.

A row that burst from the dressing room onto the front pages all over the world. Roy Keane, Irish team captain and one of the world's greatest footballers at that time, departs the World Cup before a ball has been kicked. He left behind an Irish team who managed to get within a whisker of making the quarter finals - only to lose Spain on penalties.

Would Roy have made the difference? We'll never know...

Say the one word 'Saipan' to any Irish person back then and you'd get back a torrent: "Roy Keane was dead right...he was a traitor to his country...there was nothing else Mick McCarthy could've done. Mick was a b*****ks"

Say the one word 'Saipan' to any Irish person now - and you'll still get the same response.

Walk down any street in Ireland you'll still find people talking about it - and that's just what this documentary does - talks to Irish people about the row and what it meant to them.

As in 2002, the discussion quickly moves from football to the broader issue: respect for your elders. Is the boss always right? Should they ever be questioned? Young people! No respect any more!

Are the Irish still going on about Saipan ten years on? Of course we are.

Music Used:

"Zopf From The Colonies In A Sydney Motel Surface Tension Milk Coronation Giles Farnabys Dream Pigtail",
Penguin Cafe Orchestra

"We Are All Made Of Stars", Moby

"Dont Let Me Get Me", Pink

"Little Less Conversation", Elvis vs Jxl

"Without Me", Eminem

"Work It Out", Beyonce

"Wish I Didnt Miss You", Angie Stone

"No More Drama", Mary J. Blige

"Misread", Kings Of Convenience

Narrated and Produced by Ronan Kelly

First broadcast May 5th 2012

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