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Dave Time

A Dublin man who's invented a whole new form of time

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4.3/5 (20 ratings)

Dave Time

...actually, he hasn't - it's just that he's late all the time. Funny, funny man.

Then there's the story about his granny who's suspicious about who he's sleeping with. You have to hear that one.

Producer: Áine Fay

Music used:

Leroy Anderson: "The Syncopated Clock"
Felix Mendelssohn: "Wedding March"
Flavor Flav: "Shake Your Booty"
Lionel Ritchie: "Hello"
Cyndi Lauper: "Time after Time"

Photos from Rush, Co. Dublin (sorry, bad joke). Check out denoneno's Flickr stream - the source for the main pic.

(A short Irish radio documentary from RTE Radio, Ireland)

December 2011

The Curious Ear is produced by Ronan Kelly

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