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Slow shopping with Mike Furey

Selling Tayto to Mainers

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4.2/5 (13 ratings)

Slow shopping with Mike Furey

A woman is selling 'Redneck Wallets' made from duck tape; a man is selling mini-marshmallow guns based on a hairspray-potato gun; a man dressed as a woman no longer jumps out of cakes; a man dressed as a lobster tries to cheer people up: all on the streets of Portland, Maine.

Also on the street there is a box of free pears - they're outside the shop of Mike Furey from Galway who came to the States in the 1950s.

Mike is now in his 80s; he takes part in marathons, sells Tayto and chats to everyone who comes into his shop.

Mike Furey and his Irish souvenir shop in Portland, Maine, USA. Drop in, spend a bit of time with him. He's a gentle, welcoming man.

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