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Bullets and Bowls

A documentary on the game of 'road bowls' in Co. Armagh and Co. Cork and the All-Ireland Championships at Ballyshoneen Co. Cork on the 19th August, 1975.

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3.3/5 (25 ratings)

Bullets and Bowls

Irish road bowling is an ancient sport. It is centered in Ireland - primarily in County Armagh and County Cork. However, it also has players in parts of America and New Zealand.

Road bowling in Ireland is governed by the voluntary Irish Road Bowling Association (or Ból Chumann na hÉireann in Irish).

The basic premise is similar to golf. Participants, usually single opponents, throw a 800 gram (28 ounce) bowl or "bullet" along a country road course, up to 4 km long, and the fewest throws to traverse the distance wins the contest.

Participants in or from Ireland traditionally bet during the contest. Those who have bet on a player will follow that player around the course, giving advice.

Contributrs to this documentary include, Fr. Raymond Murray (Aramgh Historian of bowls), Tom MacBride
(Armagh), Dermot Hicks (Armagh), Danny O'Donovan (Drinagh, Cork), MICK BARRY
(All-Ireland and Cork Champion), John Gribben (Armagh Champion), Flor Crowley
(Chariman an Bowl Cumann), Patsy MacCoy (Armagh).

Produced by Proinsias O' Conluain

First broadcast 31st August, 1975

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries

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