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Hidden Sounds of Temple Bar

The creepiest sound you're ever going to hear ...

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4.5/5 (16 ratings)

Hidden Sounds of Temple Bar

A soundscape of the Temple Bar area in Dublin made by Tom Lawrence.

It was commissioned by the Made In Temple Bar Festival for a series of events they’re holding in association with the Radio 1 Documentary Hour.

During the Made In Temple Bar Festival in July, there will be a series of listening events where members of the public will gather together to listen to radio documentaries.

It sounds weird but it works. You’re sitting there in semi-darkness and you’re all sharing the same listening experience – a bit like the difference between watching a DVD and going to the cinema.

Tom Lawrence is a composer and lecturer in film music in DCU. However, he also records wildlife for the BBC. So, for the Made In Temple Bar Festival, he decided to go around the area with his wildlife microphones.

Tom has a CD out: Water Beetles of Pollardstown Fen

The listening sessions will take place in the Landmark Trust building during the festival which runs from mid-July. They’re called “Lights Out Listening” because you’ll be sitting in semi-darkness listening to Radio 1 documentaries.

You can book here on the festival website

The Curious Ear is produced by Ronan Kelly

(A short Irish radio documentary from RTE Radio, Ireland)

First broadcast: June 2011

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