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Mitchin' With Dylan

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4.6/5 (27 ratings)

Mitchin' With Dylan

Kevin Dolan is a DCU student of Marie-Louise O'Donnell.

For one of his projects, he decided to tell the story of Bob Dylan's 1965 song, "Like A Rolling Stone" and its impact on him as a teenager.

Music/Poetry Used:

"Like A Rolling Stone", Bob Dylan
(album version and Live At The Hollywood Bowl)

"I Shall Be Free", Bob Dylan

"Howl", Allen Ginsberg

"Rollin' Stone", Muddy Waters

"Lost Highway", Bob Dylan, Joan Baez


from the cover of the album featuring "Like A Rolling Stone", "Highway 61" by photographer Daniel Kramer.

(If you're interested in album photography, Google 'Shooting Highway 61 Revisited' for the story behind the photo.)

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