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Shane Healy - Back On Track

Shane Healy competed for Ireland in the 1996 Olympic Games, but after many years out of the sport, a depressed, unfit, overweight Healy watched the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio was dismayed with the lack of Irish competitors, he wanted to change that. (2020)

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3.3/5 (74 ratings)

Documentary Maker: John Kenny

John first began broadcasting back in the late 1970’s as part of the flourishing pirate radio scene in Ireland as a Punk Rock DJ.

However, his love of sport meant a move to RTÉ Radio in the 1980’s where he has remained since; occasionally dipping back into the music on RTÉ 2FM and RTÉ’s Digital Radio station, 2XM.

Other Radio 1 projects include “The Dirty Dozen” Ireland Motorsport Legends which was turned into a book back in 2007 published by O’Brien Press.

"The Olympic Years",  a series of programmes which included music, world events and stories from the Olympic Games, beginning with  the 1956 games in Melbourne.

A series of one-off RTÉ Radio programmes including "High Atlas Challenge”; “Ten Years of Jordan Grand Prix” and “Eddie Jordan, Mover and Shaker”.

John has also commentated for RTÉ Radio on swimming, motorsport, football and GAA as well as being part of the BBC Radio Legendary Test Match Special team at the 2007 ICC Cricket world cup in the West Indies and the 2009 20/20 finals in England.

John is a presenter of Saturday Sport RTÉ Radio One.

John's productions for Documentary On One are:  "Heroes of the Caribbean";  "Put 'Em Under Pressure"; "We've Got A Game To Win"

Follow John on twitter - @johnkennyrte

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