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The Good Hatchery

The woman who sewed 90 wetsuits together, the Israeli watchtower in the Offaly garden - all stories from a Midlands art workshop.

The Good Hatchery

From the programme notes for "Lying Vacant"...

A social experiment, a contemporary art studio, a retreat for creative minds, call it what you will, but at its heart, it’s become a home away from home for two of its founding artists, Carl and Ruth.

They share this home with the owner of the grounds, Eileen Hanlon, on what’s left of a once impressive 19th century family estate.

Over the last three years, what was a former hayloft has been magically transformed into a unique artistic haven for writers, artists, photographers, and filmmakers with all materials including the building itself being offered for free.

It takes more than bricks and mortar to make a house a home and The Good Hatchery is no different.

At the heart of "Lying Vacant" also lies the story of a close and unlikely friendship that has developed between Carl, Ruth, and Eileen during these three years.

Eileen took a risk inviting in a group of strangers into her home, her family and her life but it’s a risk that’s paid off. Beginning with the erection of a giant wooden tower on her front lawn, "Lying Vacant" describes how the place, has never quite been the same since.

Documentary produced by Julien Clancy of Out Loud Productions

The RTE Choice documentary, "Lying Vacant", from which this extract is taken, was made with the assistance of the Sound & Vision Fund of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

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March 2011

(A short Irish radio documentary from RTE Radio, Ireland.)

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