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Dogfight: Conor and Charlie

When the election was called Conor Lenihan and Charlie O'Connor were the two sitting Fianna Fail TD's in Dublin South West - This is their story as they battle for their local Fianna Fail vote - and their careers

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4.2/5 (209 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Ciaran Cassidy

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Sound Engineer: Richard McCullough

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Dogfight: Conor and Charlie

When the 2011 Irish General Election was called, Conor Lenihan and Charlie O'Connor were the two sitting Fianna Fail TD's in Dublin South West and two very differing candidates.

Charlie O'Connor is known as 'Mr Tallaght' for his fondness of mentioning his South Dublin constituency base. Conor Lenihan has served as a minister in the previous government and is a member of the Lenihan political dynasty which includes his brother Brian the minister of Finance.

As the general election was called both candidates were facing an uphill task to be re-elected. Following a disastrous couple of years in Government, Fianna Fail were facing unprecedented losses and the brand, which had previously being a magnet for votes, is now toxic.

Michael Martin bullishly declared on the first day of the election in Tallaght that he believed both candidates would be returned to the Dail but it seemed almost certain that only one deputy could be reelected and there was a distinct and strong possibility that neither would be returned.

Fianna Fail was famous for its vote management between candidates but in this election with the opinion polls putting Fianna Fail at a record low in Dublin - it was every man for himself.

'Dogfight: Conor and Charlie' follows the two candidates, as they canvas door to door, fighting for their political life and fighting each other over the four weeks of the election campaign.

Produced by Ciaran Cassidy

Sound Supervision by Richard McCullough

First broadcast on March 5th 2011.

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries.

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