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GunPlot: Ep 4 - Muzzy

It's October 1969 and the truth is becoming murky. A plan to buy weapons begins to come together. And a group of men go shopping for guns. But what happens when the arms dealer they meet is actually a foreign spy? (Ep4/8). Released Weekly. (2021)

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4.5/5 (2 ratings)

Documentary maker: John McCarthy

John McCarthy hails from Cork.

He wears many hats, being a mental health campaigner, poet, playwright, delegate to the UN, adviser to the Junior Minister for Mental Health, founder of Mad Pride Ireland, and the list goes on and on.

John is currently working on an amendment to the 2001 Mental Health Act to ban the use of forced electro convulsive therapy in Ireland.

This is John's first radio documentary for the Documentary on One.

For further information on Mad Pride Ireland, visit their website

Sadly, on January 10th 2011, John passed away at his home in Cork City. He was just 61yrs old.

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