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Dear Old Daddy

A radio documentary about Lord Haw Haw (Broadcast 1999)

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  • 3.8/5 (14 ratings)
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3.8/5 (14 ratings)

Documentary maker: Seamus Kelly

More Information

Dear Old Daddy

Lord Haw-Haw was the nickname of several announcers on the English language propaganda radio program Germany Calling, broadcast by Nazi German radio to audiences in Great Britain from September 1939 until 30 April 1945.

William Joyce, known as Lord Haw Haw, was the German radio's most prominent English language speaker.

This documentary looks at Lord Haw Haw's connections with Co. Galway. We hear from his daughter Heather Rose.

This story begins with a visit to his grave in Galway and Heather's campaign to have him reburied in Ireland instead of in a prison yard.

We also hear from a former classmate who recounts memories of school days and the Black & Tans.

Eamon & Antoinette, who now occupy the house where William's father Michael Joyce brought up his family are also featured in the documentary as well as Padraig Doyle who lived next door - remembers listening to the broadcasts and describes them - once Joyce played a "request" for 'all in Rockbarton'. A lovely voice.....

First broadcast September 1999.

Compiled and presented by Seamus Kelly

Prodcution Supervision by Lorelei Harris.

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries

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