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The two sides of Dolly's Brae

A radio documentary which looks at what happened at the battle or riot between the Orange Order and Ribbonmen on Dolly's Brae, Co Down in 1849.

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4.6/5 (5 ratings)

The two sides of Dolly's Brae

In 1849, Dolly's Brae was an exclusively Catholic village, and the Orange Order had never marched through it before.

The Orange order marched through peacefully thorugh the village on the morning, of July 12th 1849.

However, on their return journey home that evening, the 1,500 Orangemen were met by about 500 Catholics who had gathered in the village, armed with muskets or pikes.

A fight ensued and the Catholic side suffered the heaviest losses with a number of deaths, casualties and arrests.

Thereafter, the incident at Dolly's Brae entered into Unionist mythology as a significant victory of Protestantism over Catholicism.

Presented and produced by Proinnsias O Conluain

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries

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