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Who fears to speak of '98?

For many, 1998 is still one of the best hurling championships of all time, not so much for what happened on the pitch, but for what happened off it. 20 years later, we relive one of the most dramatic years in the life of Irish Hurling, where the summers' games became our national soap opera.

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4.2/5 (125 ratings)

Documentary maker: Liam Nolan

Liam is a TV director and freelance journalist who is now a Video Producer with @TheEconomist

He has occassionally produced radio documentaries for the 'Documentary On One' and has also directed over 20 broadcast films (RTÉ, Setanta and TG4) and presented a program titled 'Small World' on RTÉ One TV in 2011.

He now lives in Warsaw, Poland and writes/has written for the Irish Examiner, The Economist, FT and the Warsaw Business Journal. He speaks advanced French and Irish - and lower intermediate Polish.

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