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My Father Takes a Vacation

We revisit the journey a Swedish father took along the coast of Ireland on a Ferrari red bike - six years on, his son retraces his fathers steps to try and understand his dad.

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3.9/5 (21 ratings)

Documentary maker: Martin Johnson

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My Father Takes a Vacation

Sunday 4th May 2008, 7pm

He stopped at the small harbour towns, cykled to the lighthouses. With him, he had four bicycle bags and a small tent.

Back home in Sweden, he left behind his three children. Three children who a couple of years earlier had lost their mother in cancer.

Today, the children have grown up, but Martin's father has continued to disappear. With the help of three postcards Martin goes on a search for his father. By travelling to the places the postcards were sent from, and to speak to the people whom his father maybe met - maybe then Martin can start to understand his father.

This documentary was adapted and produced by Swedish Radio where it went on to win the Prix Italia in 2008. To hear the Swedish version with an English transcript, click here

Compiled and presented by Martin Johnson

Production Supervision by Peter Woods

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries

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